SOFTWARE: ON ***Quick Silver’s BENJAMIN Settings Jan 14th week: Percent change – 78, Profit Points 50 EURUSD 1min, USDJPY 1min & All other charts at 2 min, .09 lot size per $1000, 50 Profit Points, 50 Trailing Stop *** HAMILTON ALWAYS Lot Size: 0.01, EURUSD 5min chart, AUDUSD 5min chart ***


We have software which specializes in automated Forex trading. Our software does the work for you so that you can spend your time doing whatever you want.

The Ultimate Forex Trading Platform

Our software relies on intricately developed algorithms that are programmed to analyze trading patterns and exploit opportunities for profit in the Forex market. Let our AI based systems work for you.

Innovative Software

Our software relies on algorithms with a proven track record of realizing gains based on performance to date.

Proven Developer

We don’t leave it all to the software, our experienced traders provide human diligence by ensuring that we provide users with the best advice to maximize trades from recent market developments and trends.

Technology Team

We bring a highly engaged and responsive team of coders that have a proven track record in the successful development of product innovations.


Engaged team dedicated to your support to help guide you in anything related to our services.

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Silverstar Live Software (SLS) co-owner Quicksilver is a hedge fund trader that successfully developed algorithms that is the foundation of our Artificial Intellegence Trading Software. This software enables traders of all levels of experience, from amateurs to experts, to capitalize on these volatile and highly opportunistic markets. We are proud to have the most innovative trading software on the market.


We provide our members with • Solid foundations in which the user is always in control of their assets • The ability to maximize trading strategies with an intelligent software, that will assist users in the trading process with or without experience.


Our vision is to create a worldwide Company that empowers an individual to enhance their lifestyle through our sophisticated forex currency trading software.

Corporate Team


Chief Operating Officer

Hassan Mahmoud

Executive Vice President

Forex Trading Software

Innovative Forex Trading Products for Everyone

Tremendous opportunities are being created through Forex trading. With our reliable and effective products, you can take advantage of this innovative market.

Benjamin MT5

State of the art and high return AI Hedge Trading Software for MT5 learn-more

Conservatrader MT5

Very conservative yet high return trading system for MT5 learn-more

Conservatrader MT4

Very conservative yet high return trading system for MT4 learn-more

Hamilton MT4

Very high volume medium return trading system for MT4 learn-more

A very high volume trader but VERY conservative. Features and Benefits: – Trading Capacity: Up to $1500 in trading – Forex Currencies: Eur/Usd and Aud/Usd – Forex Platform: MT4 – License Period: Month to month